i–Track, An indigenously prepared and ™ protected, cutting edge on line tracking technology ,has been specially crafted for the data base management of IKAN Relocations. i–Track, which is primarily a transferee data base management tool, is the only relocation software of it's kind which provides 100% transparency to all stake holders including the transferee, the HR and global partners.

i–Track ensures the IKAN best practices and policies are replicated on line and are driven by a secure software, allowing program tracking and progress as well as supporting remote access to unique reports. The following features are unique to the i–Track.


  • Client access to relevant data and reports
  • Transferee Value added reports
  • Program log sheets
  • Cost saving reports
  • Program log sheets
  • Service delivery reports
  • Cost tracking
  • Visa tracking
  • Lease tracking
  • Invoicing