Area Orientation

Area Orientation / Look See Program / Preview Trip

The area orientation conducted during a “preview trip” or a “look-see visit” is as a valuable service with multiple applications in a relocation program. An independent area orientation complements the total relocation package by providing a comprehensive overview of the destination. It enables families to have a focused overview of everyday life at the new destination.


The program serves as an aid in decision-making providing an understanding of the possible residential areas.


Accompanied by experienced IKAN consultants, “tailor-made” orientation tours, based on need analysis, give a wonderful first impression of the living conditions in the host city.


IKAN works as the extension of the HR arm, ensuring that the transferee gets great insight into what to expect at the new destination. Our consultants supplement the local HR in their efforts to ensure that the transferee finds it easy to accept the assignment.  A well-conducted area orientation can also help “sell” the destination to a prospective candidate.

What Is Included?

Accompanied area overview

Welcome kit

Area information

Property overviews

Schooling overview

Everyday living advice


Supporting tool to “sell” the location to the prospective relocating employee

Identification of key considerations at an early stage to reduce the overall relocation cost

Expert advice and assistance designed to help employees make important decisions