The Gift of Sight – An IKAN Initiative

We are as a company, extremely proud to be supporting HelpAge India in its most valuable work in raising money to increase the number of Cataract operations in India. As things stand 18.6 million people in India are on a waiting list which amounts to about one-fourth of the world’s blind population and at today’s rate that will take more than 10 years to meet.


HelpAge India partners with credible and capable charity eye hospitals all over India to organize free eye camps and conduct free cataract surgeries for needy elderly. The goal of this project is the restoration of vision & self-dependence of cataract affected destitute elders.


We commissioned an Interactive Book through “ The Online Book Company “ in the UK, where those from India and across the Globe can donate single or multiple cataract operations for HelpAge India. This purchase, through the book, can also be dedicated to a friend or relative.


Please click on the below image to access the Interactive Book or make a donation:

ikan relocations csr helpage india