Cultural Training

The necessary cultural and language training support will help families considerably with communication and integration into their new location.

To support individuals and families with their cultural adjustments in a new country, IKAN has devised unique cross cultural training workshops that bridge the socio cultural boundaries.

These trainer-driven and tool-assisted interactive workshops cover the cultural nuances and local social graces. The training can be delivered globally through experienced and certified trainers.

Development of Cultural awareness, understanding of culture shock, communicating across cultures, Cultural dimensions, living in the host country and working with host country nationals as well as local management are some interesting aspects of a well-designed program.

What Is Included?

  • Arrangement of language training
  • Intercultural training programs for adults, children
  • Individual, group or family options available


  • Professionally run courses
  • Beneficial for both business and social situations
  • Flexible and adapted to your relocating employee’s needs
  • Increases self-confidence and accelerates the settling-in period


  • Facilitated by certified trainers
  • Helps devise strategies to manage potential culture shock
  • Helps explode stereotypes
  • Helps find culturally appropriate solutions for daily living and business situations