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Home Search

Looking for an ideal home is perhaps the most tedious and stressful aspect of relocation and settling into a new city of choice. Conducting a meticulous search for a suitable home, addressing all related legal formalities and going through the necessary paperwork can be really daunting. We at IKAN understand the local real estate market and cater to the specific needs of our client by providing perfect professional services and assistance to ensure a smooth transition.


At IKAN Relocations, we represent you and not the landlord! Right from screening all potential properties to arranging requisite visits and appointments, our dedicated consultants cognizant of local cultures, market conditions, residential areas, and infrastructure, harness their vast experience to ensure that the interests of the assignee are represented and their specific needs and desires are met. While negotiating terms and conditions of housing, deposits, furniture, household appliances, etc., the empathetic consultants work in favor of the assignee.


Our aim is to ensure the long-term success of the employee’s relocation.

What Is Included?

Needs analysis prior to the visit

Welcome pack, local area information and map orientation

A housing tour based on needs assessment

Pre-screening of property offers

Preliminary pre-negotiation

Accompanied visits to the properties

Advice on each property option

Commercial negotiation

Lease negotiation

Inventory check-in


Service delivered by experienced house search professionals with expert knowledge of local market

Local intelligence and ongoing consultation to benefit your policy

Care taken to have the lease terms negotiated in the interest of the employee

Professional and documented inventory check

Independent, unbiased market advice on local systems

Proven and demonstrated savings through cost saving reports

Proven and demonstrated savings through cost saving reports

‘i-Track’  access for lease tracking and key reports – Online tours with pictures and maps, home finding report, pre-existing damage report and a Voice of the Customer (VOC) report among others