ikan inavigate


In 2016, IKAN developed i-Navigate, an integrated technology platform for the use of all stakeholders. The tool can be accessed both on the web as well as on the go through mobile devices. i-Navigate enhances the relocation experience of an assignee by providing them with the power of transparency and control of their own assignments.


The assignee can now access the i-Navigate any time, any place and do the following:


  • View personalized digital destination guides including country guides and city papers
  • See actual planned tours virtually with maps and personalized landmarks
  • Track assignment progress through real time activity logs
  • Track personal lease, visa and residential permit expiries
  • Have the ability to submit online Needs Assessment, Property Selection and Service Evaluation Forms
  • Use i-Navigate as a personal documents repository and be able to securely upload  confidential documents such as passport or personal contracts and also view stored documents such as signed  lease, visa and residential permits online


i-Navigate is a secure, password protected, encrypted technology ensuring protection of personal identifiable information.


Other stakeholders involved with the relocation process – HR Managers, Mobility leads, RMC’s and Service Authorisers – can also  actively track the assignment progress and view program related reports such as Orientation, Home Search, Settling In, Move In – Move Out and Cost Savings reports. They can also track lease, visa and residential permit expiries, view assignee forms, program agendas, and planned tours in a transparent and virtual environment which empowers them to provide instant feedback, highlight areas for improvement, if any, and stay involved through the life cycle of the assignment while enjoying complete transparency.