ikan itour


IKAN invented this unique property database which is linked to its flagship i-Track software. The i-Tour allows IKAN consultants as well as its panel of brokers to create a centralized property database which in turn allows a quicker turnaround time for the creation of tours for our clients.


i-Tour”, a proprietary tool helps create virtual tours giving the transferee access to view not just customized maps but also landmarks of interest, distance markers, and exhaustive property details and a provision to leave comments which aids the shortlisting process. It empowers the consultant to customize the itinerary, save time and incorporate changes to make the program highly effective and efficient.


The i-Tour has the following features :

  • Acts as a property database
  • Permits approved a panel of brokers to add properties to the database on an ongoing basis ensuring an updated property database
  • Allows IKAN consultants to prepare online tours for the assignees as per their needs and requirements
  • Assignees are able to access the tours and can leave behind comments.
  • i-Tour is supported by an app, which allows IKAN consultants to create properties on the go, including the upload of corresponding photographs
  • The i-Tour can be made visible to all stakeholders for complete transparency