ikan relocations i-track system


IKAN’s i–Track version 2 assignment management system first implemented in 2018 is another award-winning technology from IKAN that is a vastly improved system that has exceptional features which add greater value to IKAN’s customers – Corporates, RMC’s and Transferees. The new i-track is not just an assignment management system but also an assignment planning system.


The new version built on the robust PHP Platform ensures scalability and includes API’s to seamlessly integrate with other RMC databases.


The new i–track allows employee KPI’s and timeline measurements enabling our customers to access improved reports including the new digital Move-in Move-out report and the Departure Services report, more comprehensive cost savings as well as a detailed home finding and settling in a report.


Seamless client access means full transparency since clients can view daily log entries and track assignments. The system provides transferees with customized digital kits which can be accessed through a mobile app. The system also tracks Lease, Visa and Residential permit expiries allowing enough time for the process of renewal decision-making.


The IKAN team benefits greatly through new features viz. the Document Reservoir, built in CRM System, Work Scheduler, the Activity Planner and the Instant Messaging System to provide cutting-edge service to the clients.


i-track 2 has enhanced security to address the new GDPR requirements. Data resides on a secure server with access level controls so that only the relevant data is visible to our internal team on a need to know basis. Similarly, the Need Assessment Forms for Destination services as well as detailed personal information In – Take forms for Immigration services are now available to be completed by the client online securely through the  IKAN proprietary tool “i-navigate”.


“i-Tour”, another proprietary tool of IKAN helps create virtual tours giving the transferee access to view not just customized maps but also landmarks of interest, distance markers, and exhaustive property details and a provision to leave comments which aids the shortlisting process. It empowers the consultant to customize the itinerary, save time and incorporate changes to make the program highly effective and efficient. The new i-track also has this unique feature of providing clients with customized destination guides, containing information of interest for the destination country and the destination city. These “customized digital welcome kits” as well as the virtual tours and the customized maps can be accessed securely through “i-Navigate”.


Client access to relevant data and reports

Transferee Value added reports

Program log sheets

Cost saving reports

Program log sheets

Program log sheets

Cost tracking

Visa tracking

Lease tracking