Processing and coordinating visas as well as assisting with the documentation for work and residence permits can be a complicated and time consuming process.

IKAN assists and supports the application procedures for visas and work permits globally. We coordinate and manage the process with the relevant authorities. During this process, IKAN acts as a liaison between the relocating employee’s HR department and the related authorities to ensure that all paperwork and visas comply with local requirements of the destination country.

Comprising of both in – country and consular practice, the focus is on ensuring that the residency and immigration status of our clients are compliant with the governing laws of the land.

What Is Included?

  • Immigration advice
  • Visa application
  • Work permit processing
  • Re-entry permits
  • Legalization of documents
  • Residential permits
  • TAX cards
  • Visa and residential permit extensions
  • Change of jurisdictions


  • Applications handled by experienced professionals
  • Integrated into the relocation process
  • Reduces relocation expense risks


  • Tracking through cutting edge technology “i–TRACK”
  • Cost advantage
  • Global coverage
  • 100% legal conformance to local laws