Sandell Jonathan

It was very nice to meet you and the feedback is all completed.  As per my feedback to you via the website, I thought the training was excellent: well-prepared and well-pitched for my daughters, giving them a great framework on which to build while they experience living in India and giving my wife and me an excellent opportunity to improve our understanding and awareness of India and her cultural varieties. .

Zinan Wadood

Thank you for handling this in a very professional manner . The process this morning worked flawlessly , the documentation was 100% , Vinod was very thorough in his briefing and directions . Thanks for a job well done . It was a pleasure working with you and your The IKAN Team .

Alonzo Rollinson

IKAN The IKAN Team's follow-up and kind consideration of the urgency was well noted and much appreciated! I am very happy that we have such great visa extension support.

Andreas Wochenalt

Perfect Communication Skills - Specially Mr. Francis White's support is greatly appreciated!

Andras Galambos

Thank you for your kind advise and throughout support. It was no less pleasure for us to have the support of yours (Varun) & Vinoj during the registration process, it was really a much different experience now than last time through another provider!

Frank Nijssen

Pro-actively I was reminded of the requirement to extend my visa and RP/RC. The list of required documentation was provided well in advance, was clear and complete. Your consultant was at FRRO at the agreed time. My request to make the process easy for us was honored; we spent only 25 minutes at the FRRO, we had no unpleasant surprises. Sundar Sahu is a very efficient consultant. I am happy to have him help us at the FRRO. Vinod has been very responsive to our requirements and pro-active in contacting us to prevent our visa to lapse

Joergen Scholl

Very smooth and completed in a quick succession. Both Kiran and Francis did an outstanding job. Easy and precise communication, very experienced and highly professional.

Benno Schmid

Mrs. Saha gaves us a very good impression of India and was very polite and helpful.

Christoph Theile

Nishata was incredibly polite, professional and flexible. She was able to quickly adjust the agenda according to my wishes.

Mitsumasa Kuskabe

Mr. Varun frequently contacted me and provided the necessary information. His response and communication is the best I have experienced for 3 years in India. Mr. Francis is a very professional person. He made much effort to finish the VISA/FRO process smoothly as soon as possible every time. Our family appreciate his cooeration.

Adam Svendsen

"I would like to thank you very much for an interesting day, with many good impressions of the area we visited. I appreciate your expertise, services and professionalism, which defintely will help us getting the right location, and also choosing the right school. "

Margaux Gunein

Good experiance with Kiran Pimpalkar and Ram Sunder Sahu pfoffessional involved and listening to our needs.

Brzoskowski Maciej

"I just want to inform you that the entire day invested at FRRO paid back with visas extensions and obtaining residential permits for all 3 of us until 31.08.2013 – as applied. A tremendous amount of a The IKAN Team work is behind this success – for which I thank you all, BUT most importantly we were taken smoothly through the process by Badrun, who deserves special regards. "

Mohamed Ashraf

"You have really done fantastic job and I will remember you always, keep in touch whenever you have time "

Kenichi Komatsubara

He assisted me at every stage in advance and also never negleted checking the RP by himself at the very end. This time there was an e-mail beforehand which remained me of the schedulde and Mr. Baiju approached me from his side a few minutes earlier than the appointment time.

Yasuhiro Maeda

Thanks to Mr. Baiju's perfect support, proceedings have been completed in a very short time. Mr. Baiju his work was perfrect. However, it was better if he told me in plain English.

Toby Phillippe

Thank you for your good & efficient service everyone.  Quiet impressed the way the entire process got finished in half a day.

Ganapriya Venkatasubramanian

My home country Immigration specialist  was awesome! His name is Vinod.

George Lasek

The level of service provided by Anjana and Franziska has been absolutely first class. They have been patient, considerate of our needs and have made our relocation a considerable easier process. Both Lorrie and I are extremely pleased and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending IKAN and in particular, Anjana and Franziska.

John Armstrong

Anjana our relocation agent was on the ball, attentive, warm and approachable. I felt comfortable to air what our needs were and found a very timely turnaround of each concern. she was the first point of call when I was having major difficulties once in new apartment and she remedied situations fast and effectively. An absolute Godsend.

Jean-Marc Gilet

Sumana has a perfect knowledge and expertise of Delhi housing market. We have particularly appreciated her sensitivity to our family's needs. She was always available. And one can say she is really efficient and organized.

Brandon Glissmeyer

Sachin worked very well with us. He communicated all the needful things in a timely manner. He was up front and honest about everything we needed and wanted to know. He was always prepared for our visits and did not waste any time. And he was patient as well - we looked at so many houses and some we looked at 2 or 3 times and he was always willing and patient to wait for our decisions. He was respectful of our time to make decisions and was also respectful to us in every manner.

Geraldine Fraser

Cyril was great – a very nice guy, also gave us lots of insights about living in Bangalore too. He was flexible and responsive. Very easy to work with.

Thomas McGuire

I am so pleased that Geetha were able to support me & my spouse with our FRRO Registration. She did a great job. We have been doing for the past 8 years - I wish we could have always used IKAN… WOW, what a difference it makes when we work with people and a The IKAN Team with your experience and professionalism. Thanks!

Tanja Berretta

" Franziska was EXCEPTIONAL through-out the whole home search process. From the day we met her we felt we could rely and trust her advice entirely. We have been assisted in home searching by other agencies before being assisted by the IKAN RELOCATIONS, and since we met Franziska we stopped dealing with them as her organization skills and friendly efficiency as well as her dedication to our mission to find a home in Delhi ‘outshined’ all others. Not only she accompanied through-out the whole process with professionalism, patience and sensitivity, but she also provided us with practical and timely information on services and amenities to start our life in town. She is the best! "

Kammy Hayer

"Sumana - I wanted to thank you for taking the time to prepare for an organized and productive day searching for homes. You helped educate us regarding the different areas and surely helped narrow the searchYou are a very friendly, outgoing person with vast knowledge and we are excited to be working with you! "

Allan Kjaer

"Yes- today's programme was more than we expected and fulfilled our requirements - Thanks very much to Sumana who did an excellent job and has prepared the Tour very well. We look forward to the second tour tomorrow and to meet your Colleague Vinod Sharma also. "

Asher Cotigaro

Hi both, Just wanted to thank you for the huge amount of efforts put into helping me settle in this week. Although this is not the end, and there is still a lot to do in order to make sure that the "boss" is pleased once she arrives, I know that the majority is behind us, and there is no chance in hell I could have done it myself. Thanks again,