Kolkata – The City of Joy

Kolkata – The City of Joy

KOLKATA is not just a city it’s feeling, A feeling of “Joy” in its true sense and some of the reasons why it is called the “City of Joy” can be because

  • Culture, Arts and Theater: Bengali’s are well known for their contribution in Arts and have been acknowledged on a global platform, people are rich in dance, drama, films, theaters, recitation, painting, writing and several other activities. People here constitute to be a majority of the intellects in India. Thus, quality of extra-curricular education apart from core academics is much better.
  • The most affordable Metro: unlike the other Metro-cities of India, living is affordable and the city gives you back value for every penny you spend. The morning “Adda” in the local tea stall with the morning “Cha” (Tea) is in its culture and a great part to be of a discussion. The topics of all those conversations comprise of every other thing happening in this world. Narendra Modi to Rahul Gandhi to Donald Trump, NASA, education, cinema to society and politics — everything becomes a subject of wide-scope debate.
  • As you stay here you become a part of this world where the most important thing in life is Living it from the morning walks at Victoria to betting at the RCTC race course or travelling in the crowded metro (India’s oldest) the people of Kolkata find a way of happiness.
  • The poor or the people living in the slums also live life with a smile on their faces with an average meal cost of 20 Rs. (Thali) and fish being the staple food you will be amazed with the taste one can get even with a couple of bucks in the pocket hard to find anywhere else in the country where living cost is going up every day, also public transport like buss and metro are probably the lowest in the country and you can still get a ride on the vintage “Tram” at only 5 Rs. You will be astonished to see, people in the slums, very poor people are living peacefully in-spite of missing all the acquisitive pleasures! Children with innocent faces are laughing and playing on the streets. People have found pleasure characteristically.
  • They say “Durga puja” of Kolkata cannot be compared to any other celebration on the planet where people from all walks of life come together and celebrate this carnival, Those 5 days the city illuminates and the vibe cannot be described in words, the beautiful pandals, the street food and everyone looking their best steps out to witness this city of Joy, what rich and poor everyone comes together unlike any other celebration. Durga puja is also the best time to visit for anyone and specially who are away from home for work, you just can’t miss it!
  • Kolkata is a city which binds us together and anyone who has visited the city leaves back some part and takes some of “Calcutta” when the go, the city which has a soul and the city where you are never alone.


victoria memorial kolkata

  • From old historical buildings like Victoria memorial, Howrah bridge, fort William, Writers building it’s a city which is a treat from the architect perspective and can still take you back in time. The city is the best when it comes to food from “Mishti doi” to “khatti rolls” to “puchkas” to “biryanis” you just can stop eating it’s a paradise if you like to explore food. The city has a great feel for music and have given us the best Poets and musicians the great Noble prize winner “Rabindranath Tagore” is one of them.

The city will amaze you every time you visit and certainly make you smile Afterall it’s the “The city of Joy”


Sanjog Charan

Sanjog is a graduate of Computer Application and Mass Media and has over five years of global mobility experience. Sanjog loves travelling and has a great passion for the game of Cricket as well as animals. He has two dogs as pets and the family also own’s two racehorses.

  • Harveer Singh Chadha
    Posted at 10:16h, 30 June Reply

    Well outlined Sanjog. Looks like Kolkata will have to be in the list as soon as the Pandemic is over

  • Sylvester Joseph
    Posted at 20:32h, 30 June Reply

    Nice Article Sanjog!

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