Experience of a Danish Family – Travelling from Denmark to India

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Experience of a Danish Family – Travelling from Denmark to India

COVID story – Danish family traveling to India

Hi Dinesh and Vinod. We had problems getting on the net but I wrote to you but it never reached you. I asked many people for helping us with the net but unfortunately, It did not work. I just want to say a big thank you to you both for all the support. You did amazing work. You stayed up late at night just in case. So sweet of you For you to know in short:
Before boarding the plane in Paris, they said we had to have a quarantine in Delhi. I discussed a bit but then accepted as the main goal was to get on the plane. That guy was not thinking out of his box and we had our plan with you and knew the rules better.We reached Delhi. In-plane I had filled out papers for foreigners only . also had the boarding card for Chennai ready. All the papers I had filled Out were accepted by authorities.But I did a lot of talking and discussing in Delhi. I quickly was guided in a special group for diplomats. I said that We had a special arrangement and could travel as diplomats. I was let in the special diplomat group but several times some Were trying to pull us Out but I managed to stay in. I had a good guide in the airport and in the discussion, I also brought up Indian Embassy and emails as proof. So, at last, we got the home quarantine granted in Chennai. By a special guide, we were brought to the Vistara for check-in baggage. So great really.So everything went well and in Delhi, it was very calm and some food stalls were open. But as good advice again from you I had already spoken with Air France and they had also helped us with extra food and
drinks ‘Our plane was not canceled and now we are in Chennai. We made it with your help. We are so grateful- Now we are finally together as a family

Here you can see the papers I filled our in plane I got a paper copy Of our granted home quarantine. They would not give me a copy but I insisted and in the end I got So now we should have no more issues.

So once again thanks for everything. We are very grateful. So happy to be together as a family again.

Dineshkumar Deenadayalan

Dinesh has a very good operational experience in the relocation industry. He specializes in assessing client requirements, identify social and cultural challenges of foreign nationals. He is a resident of Chennai for past 2 decades. His understanding of the city, people and their practices is exceptional. He speaks English, Hindi and Tamil. His interests are mainly in ancient mythology, cosmology and technology. He enjoys writing micro-blogs.

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