Sricity- A to Z information

Sricity- A to Z information

Sri City is a world class integrated business city strategically located around 55 kms North of Chennai in a border town of Tada(Satyavedu and Varadiahpalem mandals) in Andhra Pradesh.  It was started in 2007 with phase-I with 6000 acres and since then radically transformed the landscape and the lives of the people residing there.

This integrated industrial area is close to seaports, arterial national highway and airports, thus enabling the best possible business/manufacturing location in India

Sri City has many products to offer such as DTZ(Domestic Tariff Zone), SEZ(Special Economic Zone), FTWZ(Free trade Warehousing Zone) and a dedicated EMC(Electronic Manufacturing Cluster)

Sri City has good infrastructure and few of them are as below

  1. Well-laid roads with IRC standards
  2. Electricity which is 24X7 supply and also has their own 8 MW solar power plant
  3. Uninterrupted water supply with dedicated water treatment plant
  4. Sewage treatment plant
  5. Telecommunication network
  6. Well-designed storm water drainage system

Apart from the above, Sri City also supports its clients to get required documentation and clearance from the state and central government authorities.

Sricity has attracted many MNCs’ to set up their manufacturing facilities due to the location advantages and economic concessions given by the state government to improve industrialization and thus, employment and economic stability.

Based on this infrastructure, many countries like Japan, USA, UK, France, Spain etc.,. have their manufacturing facilities ranging from automobiles to metro train carriages, renewable energy, warehousing & Logistics, Pharma/Biotech, Apparels, FMCG etc.,. and educational institutions. This has given a boost to the relocation industry for supply of quality housing and immigration support for the expat population who will be working in those facilities. However, during the change of time, serviced apartments have come in the vicinity of Sricity which is catering the expat population who wants to stay close to their work place and also for the business travellers who will be visiting their respective factories/facilities.



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